Executive + Committees

Who we are:

Executive Leadership  – Our Fearless Leaders

  • Wilma Watson – President
  • Carol McKinnie – Past President
  • Kathy Knopp – Secretary
  • Jacalyn Carr – Treasurer

Executive Education, Activities + Events – We recruit great instructors and facilitate all kinds of creative, educational  programs, activities and events for our members. If you have a great idea for a class/activity/event, or know a wonderful instructor, we would love to hear about it/them!

  • Sharyn Pinsent
  • Ann Taylor
  • Karen Scarlett

Executive Community Connection – We are always looking for creative ways we can connect and integrate with the community and would love to be part of your event. Please reach out!

  • Karen Scarlett
  • Iris White
  • Ann Taylor
  • Wilma Watson

Executive Membership Liaison – We are hoping to support the community with all kinds of creative opportunities and would love for you to join our club.

If you have a Monday afternoon available and would like to experience attending one of afternoon drop-ins, we meet Mondays, weekly from 1-5pm at the Peace Lutheran Church. Please come and experience the club as our guest before joining. Memberships can be purchased HERE.

  • Carol McKinnie
  • John Pierzchalski
  • Ella Heistad

Executive Social Networking – Handling all of our social technology platforms + website so we can connect with you more easily through technology!

If you want to feature or interview us on your podcast, youtube, facebook, instagram, tictok or pinterest channels, we would love to connect! 

    • Karen Scarlett
    • Wilma Watson
    • Sheila Schnieder
    • Phone Tree –Maryanne Styner

Please reach out to us at: innisfailartclub@gmail.com and your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate committee/contact.